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—Season 1—


March 1 | Episode 1.  The Real Overseas Experience pt 1 — People love the WNBA but how many people really know about what we do? Most people know that we get paid a significant amount more playing overseas than with the WNBA but . . . Step into what REALLY happens with WNBA players when we leave the comfort of our homes to play around the world. It's a little bit of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

March 17 | Episode 2. The Real Overseas Experience, pt. 2 — The good, the bad, and the ugly: a continued discussion on what WNBA players go through overseas. More details and personal experiences from different countries I’ve played in.


March 29 | Episode 3.  A Trip with Campus Promete —  Have you ever wondered what an overseas road trip is like? Take a tour as we travel to Salamanca for a road game.

Apr 12 | Episode 4.  Leaving early for the WNBA — Jewell Loyd and Amanda Zahui B have announced their decision to leave school early and enter the WNBA draft. This doesn't happen often in women’s basketball. I will discuss thoughts on why a player would make this decision and what this means for women’s basketball. 


Apr 26 | Episode 5.  Domestic Violence episode — One of the topics discussed during the WNBA Rookie Orientation is on Domestic Violence. People seem to have different views on domestic violence depending on who is involved. With the recent public dispute between WNBA stars Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner, I will talk about the dispute and why domestic violence is domestic violence no matter who is involved.